Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Updates and Rejected work

Hi guys! It has been a long time since I posted my last blog post. My Nursing board review and part-time job has taken most of my time. Anyway, I want to share my rejected work from my part-time work. The boss says it's not juicy enough to be posted on his site. I don't wanna throw it into the waste bin and I'm gonna post it here instead. :D

Here it goes:

Monday, June 20, 2011

From Three into Six Thousands

Last night, I was watching the movie Gandhi with Elmer. The film talks about the life of Gandhi and how he worked hard to free the Indian people against British rule. Independence are not served on a silver platter; instead, one must have to shed blood and tears in order to attain it. Gandhi was the one man who made the tiny step towards a big leap for his country. Big changes came from little modest steps that one has ever made, and me and two of my friends has also made our tiny steps towards a change in our country.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Boy sells Kidney for Ipad2

Desperate of buying an Ipad2, 17 year old boy, from Anhui province, sold one of his kidneys for 22 yuan ($3,400 or PHP142,800). The boy regretted his decision when his health conditions are getting worse.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homme Fatale

By Alvin Ybañez

One time, on you I laid my eyes, 
So fast did melt my heart of ice;
And burn within a raging fire,
Fueled by my deep desire.

Science for Dumb People

Recently, I have been receiving weird text messages about some dangerous radioactive waves from Japan. And just now, one of my friends sent me a text message for some charity work. C’mon, how does sending a million text would help one person anyway. Maybe I’m just overreacting, but it gets into my nerve when I received these type of messages. I appreciate the concern guys, but it would also be wise to validate that information first, before you share it to others. You’re just spreading false information and panic to people.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad Side of the Coin: A Truth, or a Faux

            Technology has been a part of human life. Thanks to them our life has been made easier. That’s the good side of the coin. But have you ever wondered what could be on the other side? Or we're just too focused in the good one that we neglected to flip it on the other. We are a living in a world full of opposites. White is the opposite of black; rich, as to poor; tall, as to short; good, as to evil. WHO has made an announcement that flipped that coin and made people open their eyes and see. Made us see that technology may give us something bad in return, or just plainly blurring our visions of it.